Image by author Lezlie Christian

23 January 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: sensations

“Sarah by the Sea” by author.
“Sarah by the Sea” by author.
Photo by Sarah

Pink flower behind her ear.

Her wavy hair growing out from the latest color, smiling in the photograph, genuinely happy, standing in the water somewhere off the coast of Oregon. Her laugh tickles my ears and my heart.

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Teen Years

Don’t Always Come Back

A reflective piece about experiencing death, including the deaths of my father, mother, and daughter. Intense loss and grief. Trigger warning, dark piece.

In The Beginning

Return to a Home I’ve Not Known

Lezlie Christian

Investigator, English/Writing Teacher/Tutor, Master's in Professional Writing, Copy Editing, Gardener. Choy Li Fut. Hiker.

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